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Wall of Color

The Floratech Wall of Color is an industry first in wall type floral cases. It features a unique open top AND front to encourage impulse buying. Incredible flexibility combined with Floratech's patented Boundary Layer Airflow and industry leading refrigeration package make this case a great addition to any Floral Department.

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Standard Features

o Open front and top promotes impulse buying
o Adaptable to round vases, proconas, or arrangement shelving
o Patented "Boundary Layer" airflow technology directly cools vases and envelopes flowers
o "Maintenance Free" return air grill prevents debris from entering the cooling coil
o Thermostatically controlled with an automatic "on demand" defrost cycle
o Corrosion free high density laminated panels and powder coated aluminum components for durability
o Oversized evaporator coil minimizes moisture removal and keeps relative humidity high
o Self-contained and remote refrigeration and ozone friendly 404a refrigerant (R22 available)


4-foot RFCL248 WOC
5-foot RFCL260 WOC
6-foot RFCL272 WOC
8-foot RFCL296 WOC
10-foot RFCL2120 WOC
12-foot RFCL2144 WOC

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